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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. That is exactly what happens when clients and I work together.

It is one thing to read a book or listen to an audiobook, it is when you implement that you get the results.

I can help double the chances you turn ideas on a book page into results in your business*. 

The more you get on with this now, the more you implement, the more you save time, and the more money you make and you’ll feel good knowing that you are getting your business back on your own terms.   

Given that implementation = income this is where we need to be playing. 

Are you fed up with revenues flat lining and when you try to put more money behind marketing and sales activity you are rewarded with falling profits? Some reward! 

Are you battle weary, tired of putting more energy and effort in but getting less out?

Isn’t it time you got you, your team and your business from plateauing to thriving? More the point, isn’t it time we started growing again, putting profit on your bottom line and putting money back into your pocket and maybe even a smile back on your face.

You grabbed this book because you want results. You want answers now. You want to get on with sorting your business out now. (If you do delay…not that you would… from sorting your business out now what will it cost you? 

What opportunities are you, your team, your family going to miss out on?). You know that you haven’t got time to mess around. You need results. 

Let’s do this. Let’s jump right into the heart of this. Time and tide wait for no man. 

Here’s how we can put the money back in your pocket bit…it’s up to you whether you use the muscles in your face to turn the corners of your mouth up or down):

To thrive, you need a proven formula: The Strategy Compass

I will take you through the 6 steps of the model so that you get it straight from the ‘horses mouth’, so that you save time.

When you follow these 6 steps your business will grow.  

How do I know? I’ve been toe to toe with business owners implementing these steps and they have got significant growth, many more than doubled their revenue in 12 months, others had a more modest 20% growth in revenue. 

Not only that, personal finances and health improved and applying these 6 steps (aka The Strategy Compass) in a business have also been known to improve relationships outside of work, leading to a proposal and even a baby….I hasten to add that is not something i am promising with this programme! 

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Thrive Digital:
The Strategy Compass 

Over 10 insightful, conversational and value packed video modules
I show you the 6 steps to THRIVE in Business:

Step 1: Purpose

If you want your business and it’s products to be more attractive and compelling you have to be up to something more than looking to maximise your profit. Same ​too if you want to attract the brightest and the best to come and work with you. This module shows you how to attract customers and talent, not to mention the best suppliers.

Step 2: Mindset

The difference between success and failure, particularly during turbulent times, is Mindset. Mindset is the difference between game on and game over!  Mastery of our mindset and emotions is key to success in business. The mindset work I have done with my clients and their consistent application of them is the difference that has made the difference in the success of their business. It will be the same for you too.

Step 3: Outcome

Your annual projections and plans may have taken a setback but let’s refocus and get clear on where you are going. When you combine the powerful MTO goal setting approach from the book with the tools in this module you will see a step up in performanceYou, and certainly your teams, are much more capable than you realise you are. You will be delighted at the results you and your team will be achieving with consistent application of these tools.

Step 4: Strategy

We want to know how to achieve our goals. When we look at your business through the lenses of the Strategy models that I talk you through and how to apply them to your business, you will get a-ha moments as to the changes you can make to increase sales and profit and where next in terms of new products or services. Over 2 modules we go deep on strategy and the application of the strategic planning models with numerous real life examples so that you can apply them to critical insights for your business which could uncover a new differentiated higher margin product or service for your business.

Step 5: Capability

To scale a business you need cash, the right people, time and the ability to lead the teams through growth and change. We address these common blocks to growth:
- Not enough time: how to get more done
- Not Enough Money
- People not capable enough
- There are not the right people
- Change Management

Step 6: Action & Accountability

Without action you have a dream. With the right accountability in place you and your team are incited to take the actions needed to implement the steps above and Thrive.
All of this delivered in an interactive way in which there is someone sat next to me, asking me the very questions you would ask about the strategies I share, so that you get it straight away. 
Not Ready To Thrive? Still in Survival Mode?
If you are you not yet ready to thrive because we need to not only build your platform for growth but first we need to keep your business afloat then I have added 4 bonus modules to help you right now because I want you to be in the best shape to thrive. If you are in survival mode you haven’t time to wait for you to get around to finishing a book. You need to crack on now. Here’s how:

Thrive Digital:
 The Survive Programme

Would you like to stop people you owe money calling you three times a day?

Would you like to pump cash into your business?

Would you like to stop wasting money?

Do you want more CASH in your business? ...I thought so.

To turn things around you need to do four things:

Confident: If you don’t believe you can turn this around you won’t. Easy said but let’s sort it out and build that confidence.

Analyse: what is going on now. First stage of solving any problem is get the facts of the problem.

Smooth / Save/ Sell: The nitty gritty of the things you can start doing as soon as you have got the C and the A.

Help: The bigger the challenge, the more people can and are willing to help you turn this around.
In the Survive Programme, I take you through 4 succinct modules, each designed to get you to the core of the issue and give you the things you can get to work on right now. 

Module 1: Confident

You need to be confident in your ability to turn this situation around and not only survive but thrive. This is not new age mumbo jumbo. If you don’t believe you can sort this situation out you won’t take the steps necessary to do so. As soon as we put some light in the end of the tunnel and increase its brightness you find yourself getting busy with the following steps. I need you taking action on this. This is why first we get you confident that we can turn this ship around..

Module 2: Analyse

You need to know where you are loosing money, where you are haemorrhaging cash and when in the month you are going to run out of cash. We will identify which days there is not enough money to make payments due and then we can work out how to rectify that.

Module 3: Smooth/Save/Sell

you need to smooth out your cashflow, you need to know where you can save money now and in the future and you need to ​sell more now to get more money in. I take you through the practical things you can do right now to improve you cashflow so as to avoid those stomach churning times when you have no money to make payroll. I show you where to look to save money and the things you can do to both can new sales and money coming into the business now and how you can increase your bottom line. Sound good? Whether it does or not, this is what you need if you are in survival mode.

Module 4: Help

Help - you need to ask for help. Swallow any pride you might have had. No man, no woman is an island. Tap into the knowledge, contacts, compassion and care on the other side of “Please can you help me?”

Here's What You're Getting With The Programme

  10 engaging and interactive modules taking you through The Strategy Compass plus
  A bonus of 4 modules to help you get ready to thrive if you are in survival mode right now.
  Templates to help you implement.

So if you want to buck the trend and thrive through uncertain times then Upgrade Today and we will get you back on track.

Case Studies From Thrive Digital Programme

Kirk Elliott - Pro Muscle Products
Kirk had a passion for his retail business in the sports supplements business and a burning ambition to build an international brand. He had a level of personal debt that he was not happy with and sales from his his retail shop and website were not growing quickly enough. He wanted to propose to his long term girlfriend but wanted to pay off his personal debt before asking her to marry him. 

Within 18 months of working with Kirk, applying the very tools in Thrive Digital he had:

◼︎ grown his business revenue 5 times
◼︎ set up a growing sports supplements contract manufacturing business 
◼︎ paid off his personal debt
◼︎ grown his website sales 
◼︎ effectively managed his cashflow as he scaled 
◼︎ significantly improved his personal planning and effectiveness so that he was spending more time on what mattered to grow his business
◼︎ developed more confidence in his ability as a business man
◼︎ proposed to his girlfriend 

His business has now expanded into a total of 5 neighbouring manufacturing units, launched 2 new brands and a third jointly with Amazon and has had his first child with his fiancée. 
Jason Hall- C3i Events
Jason had doubled his business after working with me previously. in the interim period a finance manager had got out of his depth leading to work completed not invoiced, mismanagement of cash and a significant hole in his cashflow forecast to the tune of several hundred thousand pounds. 

Jason asked me to help him turn the business around. Using the strategies in the Survive Module of Thrive Digital, in 9 months we went from a business threatening situation to finishing the year off with cash in the bank and having made a profit, stronger relationships with customers and supplier, a smoothed out cashflow forecast, a team focused on winning new work and efficient delivery of projects. 

We are now working on an exciting new phase in the international growth of the business.

Upgrade Today And Get:

HUGE 25% Early Bird Discount!

Just 1 Payment of

£297 Today!

Or 2 Payments of £175 
* Studies have shown that we retain only 10% of what we read but more than 20% of what we watch and listen to and then if we go onto discussing these ideas and practising them our retention goes up to 75%.

Upgrade Today And Get:

HUGE 25% Early Bird Discount!

Just 1 Payment of

£297 Today!

Or 2 Payments of £175 
* Studies have shown that we retain only 10% of what we read but more than 20% of what we watch and listen to and then if we go onto discussing these ideas and practising them our retention goes up to 75%.

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